Guided Walking Tours of the City of Istanbul and the Littoral of the Bosphorus offered by an experienced private guide.

As an Oxford graduate in Ottoman-Turkish history, our guide will provide you with interesting and topical information on the history of Istanbul and the sights and monuments visited.

The tours will be designed according to your interests and predilections: stressing either the historical, the cultural or the purely picturesque.

Widen the scope of your acquaintance with the City beyond the confines of Sultanahmet and the Blue Mosque. Discover the many flavors of Istanbul, strolling through the hustle and bustle of Tahtakale, visiting the mosque of Rüstem Pasha, or taking a leisurely stroll across the İstiklâl Caddesi (formerly known as la Grande rue de Péra) to experience a side of the City quite unknown to most tourists.

Further afield, our walk could take you to such places as Tophane, Cihangir, Bebek, or Sarıyer on this shoreline. Or alternatively, we could venture across the Bosphorus and discover the Anatolian part of the City: from the picturesque Kadıköy with its lively fish market, over the lofty heights of Ottoman architecture present in Üsküdar and from there hop on the bus to Beylerbeyi, where a nineteenth-century summer palace and an eighteenth-century mosque constitute vivid reminders of the City’s history among the picturesque village which is the district of Beylerbeyi.

But there are so many more sights to behold that it would be impossible to list them all. If you are interested to find out more about Istanbul, its Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman history and culture, and its current vibrancy then you should get in touch with
INC - Guided Walking Tours

The format of our tours is ideal for small groups (3 - 5 participants)

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