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From: Jedi Knight
This is my story...
I am extremely over weight I cost 170lbs all my friends call me names like fat boy, big boy and chunkster last week the other 6th graders pushed me in the school pond and told me I would sink. in class they all ask if they can have the windows open because they get claustrophobic. I didn't know what to do about the bullying but I watched a film and the boy stood up for him self against the bullies and they left him alone so the next day I went into school and told them to leave me alone they pushed me around and I went to hit one of them but that just made them more angry and told me they'd get me after school so I tried to be as sneaky as possible but it didn't work the kids were waiting at the gate for me I tried it climb the fence but I wasn't strong enough they pulled me down and tied me up with their jumpers and started kicking me then my friend came over and told them to stop it but they tied him up to and barricaded us both in the jungle Jim we couldn't get out for three hours then when I got home I was grounded for being late and not eating all of my lunch.

From: Pete Kane
This is my story...
I lived in a suburban environment and I attended a private religious school. Our school was big into athletics, which made it even tougher for me being "obese", "husky", "chubby", "fat" or whatever my insensitive classmates chose to call me that day. My friends and I were all "on the big side" and we mainly played video games.
The ice-cream man always drove by my school on hot days and many of the kids would jump the fence (we were poorly supervised) to go out and buy his delicious treats. Needless to say, my friends and I were nervous to try because we weren't as fit as most of the other boys and girls. Climbing the fence was really hard and I didn't even want to try.
One day though, the kids on the morning bus were especially mean and I started thinking that the torment would never end unless I found some way to prove myself. So my friends and I decided to jump the fence too, it was hard though. I struggled but I wasn't fat because I didn't exercise, I was fat because I was born that way. When I made it over, though, my friends were still trying. Everybody at the ice-cream truck was laughing and laughing. "Keep climbing Fatty!" they'd scream, "maybe you'll make it next week!" I thought that jumping the fence would earn me respect, but instead I was horrified to think that when I was climbing back over they would all just be laughing at me and saying hurtful things. I didn't even buy ice-cream, I just walked home thinking about how awful people can be.
Anyway, that was a long time ago and I'm not embarrassed anymore. Now I buy ice-cream whenever I want.

From: Kelly
This is my story...
I am a "morbidly obese" 26 year old woman. When I was really little I was thinner but about the 4th grade I started gaining weight and have never stopped. One thing I remember, the first time (but certainly not the last) I was ever made fun about it was when I was in the 5th grade. It was gym class and they let us change if we wanted to. I was the only one that did and it felt great. I felt like a high school kid because they made you change in high school for gym class. Well anyhow, I brought in shorts and maybe they were a little tight in the thigh. Thigh has always been my problem area. Well anyway, I went out on to the black top to get in line to be chosen for kick ball. Jolee Goldsmith was a very handsome and popular guy who was had always been nice to me. Well, naturally he was a captain and taking turns calling on us. I was relaxed because I was good at kickball and I knew I would be chosen soon and I was but instead of saying "Kelly" when he called on me...he said "I'll take thunder thighs". I laughed because I had no idea how to deal with what I was feeling. I was never made fun of about my weight by anyone. But there I was, classmates all laughing, even my friends. I wondered why he could get away with it. The gym teacher, Mr. Hamilton didn't even say anything to him. I don't remember what he was doing but I know he didn't get corrected. I guess at the time I was happy because I didn't want anyone to remember that it was said and having the teacher rescue me from that would have been worse. But now I think it should have been made clear to Jolee and the rest of the class that embarrassing someone like that isn't right, no matter for what reason. It wasn't a friendly, poking fun at ya gesture. It was mean to embarrass me. At the time I thought that it was what I deserved because was a little bigger than the rest of the girls. But I guess I didn't know I was so much bigger. I just remember telling myself to make it to the locker room, play the stupid game and get to the locker room as quickly as possible. I was the only one who changed so I would be the only one there. Once I got there I just cried and changed. My teacher regular teacher, Mrs. Lucido came in to see what was taking me so long. I was crying and I told her. I don't remember what she told me...it just made me feel good to see that someone cared.

From: Anonymous
This is my story...
I am twelve years old and is really big. Sometimes, i just look in the mirror, and say things like, this can't be me. i've been a fat child for as long as i can remember. the other sixth graders pic kon me all the time. everytime i step on the scale, i see horrible numbers. 186. yes, i weigh one hundred eighty-six punds. it was picture day last thursday, and the photographer was calling people names. like she called my friend jasmine tyra banks. in p.e., my other friend asked me what did she call me. this other boy blurts out fat albert. i acted before i thought. i unched him in the jaw. one time, i was thinking about fasting. i would fast for fifteen hours straight, and go to the gym. a lot of my reletives keep on telling me i've lost weigth, but i know i haven't. sometimes, i wish i could shrivel up and disappear. but now, i've learned to except me for me, and not trying to be somebody else. god made me this way. he didn't mean for me to be like corky or jordan.

From: Samantha
This is my story...
I can remember in elementary school, during recess, running on the playground with all of my other friends, and noticing the boys chasing them around, but no one chasing me. It was quite the epiphany, to know I wasn't desirable, beautiful or wanted in anyone else's eyes. Or so I thought.

I was never teased verbally, for being an overweight. I was never singled out, but I knew I was a little more "solid" than the other girl my age. And, I was tell for my age.

But, I had a boyfriend by 4th grade and was very popular. I have no idea why. By the time I hit middle school, my weight and height evened out, and I was actually very slim. I didn't gain lots of weight until my freshman year in college. I went in at 165 and when I came home after one semester I was 200lbs.

I think I made the mistake of eating lots of processed foods late at night while studying.

I think on can avoid being tortured by what others think of them, by thinking highly of themselves. I know it's hard, but it works. Also, having a supportive mother and sister helped. They never made me feel inadequate.

My father on the other hand - would always make comments about my weight, even when I was a little girl at about age 9 or 10. I don't think he realized how much his words hurt. Also, he has never ever said I was beautiful. It's strange becuase I'm his only child.

I gave up wanting to be doted upon by him. I will save all my love for my children and make sure that they never feel less than. (great site - thanks for letting me vent!)